Step 1 - Getting Started
We need to collect all your pertinent information, including names, home address, e-mail address, and then we can open your account, equipped with your chosen password

Click on CREATE to create a registry. The "*" indicates a required field; please make sure you fill in all required information. Write down your User name and password for accessing your registry at a later stage to make alterations to your information and gift requests.

Make sure you read our Terms Of Use Policy and check the box to state that you agree to these terms.
Step 2 - Filling Your Registry
You can fill your registry with any activity, dining or service options you choose from amongst the list, specifying the quantity desired for each item. A description of each item is offered just by clicking on the entry. Select - Add More Products to enrich your list.

All of the options listed can open the way to a very special Aruba encounter, but it is important to take careful consideration of all the choices in formulating a selection that best meets your tastes and desired activity level

After you have made your selection - press the submit button to create your registry. You can return to your registry at any time to delete or add more items. Just click on - Log in to your registry - on the homepage and enter your User name and Password.

Helpful Hint: Ask around! Unsure of a certain activity option for your registry, gather recommendations from the island?s past visitors, making use of the bulletin board. Do your own research and take advantage of the opportunity to revise your registry at any time and at your leisure!
Step 3 - Tell your Friends
Congratulations on having set up your own Aruba registry. Now it's time to inform your friends and family. Please click on "Tell a Friend" on the homepage sidebar so that you can send your friends and family an e-mail message. An e-mail invitation template can be found below

We want you to be a part of our wedding event! In preparing for our wedding/renewal of vows and in creating an unforgettable honeymoon experience, we've just registered at No gift-wrapping required, just click on to the website address and you will be delivered to our Aruba registry, where you can select any of our preferred gift items.

We look forward to having you share in our upcoming celebration!
Step 4 - Revisiting Your Registry
You may access your registry at any time, in order to view the status of current purchases made by friends and family as well as to make any changes to your wish list. As purchases are made on your registry, you will receive information on confirmation numbers and instructions on how to redeem your gifts via e-mail.

You can also further personalize your registry by adding your own commentary to the descriptions of desired choices, helping to let friends and family know exactly how you feel about each item. Just select the - Update button or delete the entry by selecting the - Delete button. Please note that items that have already been purchased cannot be deleted.
Step 5 - Receiving your gifts
When someone purchases a gift on your list, you will receive an e-mail message notifying you who purchased the gift. In addition you will receive detailed instructions on how to reclaim the purchased gift.
Step 6 - Family and Friends
Best wishes for a long and happy life together can start with just the right celebration (whether it is the wedding, a renewal of vows, honeymoon or any other celebration), and now you can help mark the special day by giving the gift of an unforgettable experience.

Go to Access a Registry on the homepage and fill in the couple's last name to look over the list of items still available for the happy couple and make your selection with the click of the mouse button. You can read among the different option descriptions before making your final decision.

Everything can be done right from home, with purchases made with your credit card. As soon as the transaction is complete you will receive confirmation via e-mail. The wedding couple will also be informed via e-mail with your own special greetings.